November, 2016

09Nov20:3020:30GBH (UK) & Bastard RoyaltyEinlass 20.30 UK Punkrock-Legenden plus lokale Helden20:30 - 20:30 Veranstaltungsart:Konzert



GBH started to play in 1980 in Birmingham. After one year (1981) they got signed to the record label „Clay Records“. And they released the 12″ „Leather, Bristles, Studs & Acne“, and short therafter they released the two 7″ records „No Survivors“ and „Sick Boy“. In 1982 Clay collected the 12″ and the 7″ singles and released them on the debut album „Leater, Bristles, No Survivors and Sick Boy“, the same year they also released the LP „City Baby Attacked By Rats“ and in 1983 they released the LP „City Babys Revenge“ with the subtitle „101 ways to kill a rat“. Under this period GBH hade their musical big time. They also released the singles „Catch 23 / Hellhole“ and „Give me fire / Mantrap“. But then something happen. In 1984 they released the 12″ single „Do What You Do“ and then in 1986 the LP „Midnight Madness And Beyond“. Those album was really horrible. GBH had left the label „Clay Records“ and signed on to „Rough Justice“, and just like all punk bands in the middle of the 80´s, they had flipped out totally. They didnt bother to do punk songs like they used to with aggression and feeling. GBH continued to release horrible records such as „No Need To Panic“ in 1987, „Wot A Bargin“ in 1988, „A Fridge To Far“ in 1989, „From Here To Reality“ in 1990 and „Church Of The Truly Wraped“ in 1992. Not many people liked the shit that GBH had put out the last years, and very few people thought that they could release an album that would remind more of the „City baby..“ albums, then the punk/metal crap they have done the last years. After they released „Church..“ they went out on a tour for 2 years. And after that „Rough Justice“ did´nt want to make a new record deal because GBH had kicked their manager. And Rough Justice said that they must have a manager to get signed. And after looking for a new record deal for some years GBH got signed to the German record label „We Bite“ and after a while came the new album „Punk Junkies“ out and thats the best album they´ve done since 1983.

GBH released many albums and singles but their most succesfull albums are the LP City Baby Attacked By Rats and the following up LP City Baby’s Revenge.

„In an interview Colin asking all the fans NOT to bye all the compilation records that CLAY put out, because GBH have nothing to do with those records. He recomends you all to bye the studio albums insted, all the songs are on them anyway.“

COLIN: -We can´t stop these releases ´cus we dont own the rights to the songs. It´s verry irritating because when they release something new they don´t let us know. Insted my friends call me up and tells me that they have seen a „new“ GBH record in the store and i don´t know anything. It´s too many compilation records with GBH out in the stores, and it´s really imbarising bacause people think that we have released them to make money. And we DON´T! But the live albums „Live in Japan“ and „Live in LA“ are official releases.

Eine noch ganz neue Hardcore-Punk-Band aus dem Stuttgarter Großraum mit 4 bekannten Szenemusikern, die wohl zusammen auch über 100 Jahre Banderfahrung einbringen. Beeinflußt vor allem von britischen Anarcho-/Crust-Punkbands der 80er Jahre. Definitiv ein weiterer Grund zu kommen! VVK

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