September, 2015

24Sep20:30JEX THOTH (USA) & BROTHERS OF THE HEAD (STuttgart)Stoner-Psychodelic-Rock-Queen. Einlass 20:30 Uhr 20:30 Veranstaltungsart:Konzert



Die Queen of Doom-Rock ist wieder zurück in Stuttgart. Hervorgegangen ist die Band aus San Francisco aus der Band TOTEM (2007) und heißt nun seit einigen Jahren eben nach ihrer charismatischen Frontfrau JEX THOTH. Glasklarer, mystischer Gesang, dazu eine Mischung aus Doom-Metal und Psychedelic-Rock ist ihr Markenzeichen, irgendwo zwischen BLACK SABBATH und AMON DÜÜL II. Inzwischen haben sie sich in Europa durch einige Tourneen und einschlägige Festivals wie das „Doom Shall Rise“, „Roadburn“ oder „Hammer Of Doom“ einen festen Platz in der Szene erspielt! Live wahrhaftig ein okkultes Happening und Sounderlebnis der besonderen Art.
Ihr aktuelles Album wird sie mit dabei haben!

Harsh environments spawn new creatures. This true nature’s child was born into the world to kick open the door to a new beginning the good old‐fashioned way. Joined at the head and at the hip — the Stuttgart quartet BROTHERS OF THE HEAD maintains this nihilistic approach with style and the volume cranked. „Light The Night, Feed The Flame“, the debut BROTHERS OF THE HEAD album, cuts a swathe of destruction deep into the world of rock & roll — ultimately demonstrating that these dudes are not here to fuck around.
This is a full‐throttle, head‐on clash of stoner rock with a flip of the rock & roll bird, alloyed with doom rock, distortion blues, and every inch of naturally kicked out heavy metal, broad‐sided by an 18‐wheel semi truck — with loud music blasting out of the windows, beer cans on the passenger seat, and the ash tray full to the hilt. This is how all good stories start, the Armageddon or — BOTH. Decide for yourself.
Karl Francis (guitar), a British gentleman and former member of the UK harcore band Bomb Disneyland, and Cody Barcelona (vocals) tweak the torque respectively. Together with guitarist Pappy Van Linkle and Amin Axestoneville on drums, they are BROTHERS OF THE HEAD — period.
„Light The Night, Feed The Flame“ was suckled at the breast of rock & roll in all of its darkest facettes — the demon seed of which is now maximum loudness laced with an ass‐shaking groove. Stoner rock alone is just not enough nowadays cause everybody knows what a drag it is when the colours fade. That’s why this Stuttgart quartet makes damn sure, with the necessary TLC, that their songs have a sustained heady echo that leaves no stone unturned. This too is somehow fucked up in a stoner kind of way — but in a way of its very own.
As the opening act of icons no less than Red Fang, Black Tusk, Kadavar, ASG, New Model Army, Marky Ramone, The Accüsed, Holy Mountain and Guitar Wolf – BROTHERS OF THE HEAD has past the test blindfolded hands down — both at the bar around the corner as well as on the road. This loud bastard mix reeks of the sweat, leather jackets and bruises of a Friday night out. And everybody knows that they are always harder than Saturdays. So fuck the stench: do BOTH. VVK

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