September, 2018

21Sep20:30LOS FASTIDIOS (I, STREETPUNK) & KING Mastino (I)AFTERSHOW PARTY ab 23.30 20:30 Veranstaltungsart:Konzert,Party



Los Fastidios represent today one of the European streetpunk scene’s most important bands. Formed in Verona (Italy) in late 1991, Los Fastidios, led by Enrico (well-known figure of the national scene and founder of the Italian label KOB Records) released a demo tape in 1992, and they asserted themselves into the European scene with the release of their first single “Birra OI ! e Divertimento”, EP sold out in a few months only, and with which the band got a great deal of good comments in Italy as well as abroad.

Their sound is a powerful melodic streetpunk which mixes classical 80’s British Punk-OI ! sounds with skanking rythms, everything sung in Italian. The lyrics come from the most cheerful street situations to more serious and involved matters which deal with social problems, such as battles against any form of discrimination, for the animal rights, for freedom and against the capitalistic system.
Over the last years, Los Fastidios have achieved great number of anti-racist intiatives and social causes,by taking part in various support gigs with collections in favour of Chiapas, for the workers, against racism, for the animal rights, against war, against capitalism and neoliberism, etc.


(Freitag) 20:30


Goldmark's Stuttgart

Charlottenplatz 1, 70173 Stuttgart

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