Februar, 2015

28Feb20:30OFFENDERS (I) & YORKSHIRE RATS (UK)Europa`s beste Offbeat-77erPunk-Mod- Band !! Aftershowparty mit DJ TONI DISCO !! Eintritt frei ab ca. 23 Uhr !!20:30 Veranstaltungsart:Konzert



European’s finest ska rockers combine 2tone-offbeat with 77punk, mod revival and streetsoul, fast and rough, tough and smart, always on the run!

Der Support diesmal aus England, eine Punkband vom ABRASIVE WHEELS-Gitarristen und Backgroundsänger Don Mercy:
„Yorkshire Rats are a high energy punk n roll band
from the north of England, their songs are infused with
social issues and points of view of life in the UK. They
blast out tales of frustration and woe and this band can
make the most depressing of struggles seem almost superficial.
A cocktail of thundering drums, motown-esk bass, a wall
of guitars and socially charged lyrics. What else could you need?“


(Samstag) 20:30