Juni, 2015

18Jun20:30SONNY VINCENT (USA) & ELECTRIC TOOL CITY BOYS (D)Punk `N` Roll Einlass 20:30 Uhr20:30 Veranstaltungsart:Konzert



New York punk legend Sonny Vincent has been active since the mid 1970s and is one of the veterans of the New York punk rock scene. In 1976 he founded THE TESTORS, later the band Sonny Vincent And The Extreme, The Model Prisoners with Bob Stinson of the Replacements, Shotgun Rationale with Cheetah Chrome of the Dead Boys, he played with Moe Tucker of the Velvet Underground, with Wayne Kramer, Scott Asheton, Muffs, Captain Sensible, Cheetah Chrome, Walter Lure, Brian James, Thurston Moore, Richard Lloyd, Lou Reed, John Cale, Sterling Morrison, Jad Fair, John Sluggett, Greg Ginn, John Reis, Lance of Athens GA and Kim Shattuk.
This guy has seen it all and he still manages to write some really cool music and still gathers the best musicians in the world around him. Mr Sonny Vincent, that”s wild punknroll, with a cool swing.

Sonny recorded two new albums, to which he has brought the cream slices of punk rock heroes on board. In November the album „Spiteful“ will be released on Still Unbeatable Records.
The line up on this record:
Sonny Vincent – Testors – Vocals and Guitar
Rat Scabies – The Damned – Drums
Glen Matlock – Sex Pistols – Bass
Steve Mackay – Stooges – Sax

Auf ihre ganz spezielle Art und Weise vermischen E.T.C.B. den Punk Rock der 70er, mit Space Rock a´ la Hawkwind und dem D.I.Y. Hardcore der 80er Jahre!
Ex members from Sway Skid, The Steroids, Hail Hasch, Klebe Front , Footslog, Naydaiwah, Still, Ketma, Final Accident, Insence, Primitive Space, The Fake, Maschine Hornberg! VVK

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(Donnerstag) 20:30


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