Oktober, 2016

28Okt20:30THE RAMONAS (UK) & Autoramas (BRA) // ab 23 Uhr Punkrock-Aerobics-Aftershowparty!Punkrock-Aerobics-DJ Team ab 23.30 Uhr mit der Aftershow-Party !!20:30 Veranstaltungsart:Konzert,Party



The Ramonas sind Englands einzig wahre All Girl Ramones Tribute Band. Sie gründeten sich 2004, natürlich zu Ehren der Ramones. Mit an Bord ist u.a. Clare Product, Gitarristin der englischen Kultband AntiProduct und auch Bassistin von Marky Ramone’s Blitzkrieg und der Richie Ramone Band.
The Ramonas fangen den Zauber der frühen Ramones mit einer Intensität ein, die euch eine wollige Gänsehaut beschweren wird, und obendrein sehen die Mädels auch noch viel besser aus als die Originale Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee und Marky!

Ende Oktober waren sie nun zum ersten Mal auf ausgedehnter Tour in Deutschland. The Ramonas spielten ausschließlich die ersten beiden Ramones Alben. Im Mai 2016 werden die beiden Alben „Road to ruin“ und „Rocket to Russia“ von vorn bis hinten durchgespielt.

Nicht nur für Ramones Fans!!

Bands, just like people and animals, are not created equal. Some are destined to fall apart, some to disintegrate in a flurry of narcotic cocktails, some fail to fulfil their potential, some never go anywhere, and are forgotten, lost to the mists of time, while others are content to merely drift through the scene rehashing the same tired formulaic tunes over and over again. Some bands however, bands like Yorkshire Rats, with their endlessly catchy, hook-laden sing-a-long punk rock anthems are destined for eternal glory and to become the stuff of legend.

Formed in 2004 by Don Mercy (ex-Abrasive Wheels, ex-Billy No Mates) Yorkshire Rats released a rabble rousing 7” and a hooligan fuelled EP and after supporting Rancid in 2006, went on extended hiatus. With a new album, ‘Sea of Souls’ (released on 24th March via Indelirium Records), Yorkshire Rats are ready to get back into the ring and fight their way to the top of the punk rock food chain. Wearing their New Wave, So Cal and eighties UK influences, like so many battered and hard won medals, on their musical chest, Yorkshire Rats have emerged from the mire of an over-crowded and starving scene with their punk rock guns blazing, to show the world how music should be played. Loud as hell, full of energy and rammed full of choruses that you’ll be singing along to for years to come.

Prepare yourself for change, it’s the year of the rat and your life is never going to be the same again. It’s time for the Yorkshire Rats and the world is theirs for the taking… VVK

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https://youtu.be/JkMfrAstbb8 (Yorkshire Rats)


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